Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caught Without

The Bean has had a runny nose for nearly three weeks now.  No other symptoms, just a runny nose.  This has resulted in lots of nose wiping, followed by tears and dirty Kleenex. (No, not just any facial tissues, Kleenex.  We are bred to be brand loyal in this family.)  Actually, at this point, I am just letting the dried boogers be.  You've got to pick your battles, right?

Sometimes this new mom is without Kleenex.  On one such occasion I turned to Grandma for a Kleenex.  But, she happens to be a new Grandma and sometimes she is caught without Kleenex as well.   And then we started to talk about my Gram and her Kleenex.  She was never without one.  They were in her purse, tucked under her sleeve, always ready to wipe a little nose.  More often than not they were damp and ragged from overuse.  Kind of gross, I know.

The funny thing is I haven't thought about Gram's Kleenex for years, probably since the last time I tried to wiggle away as she wiped my nose.  But there my mom and I were, sitting in the car at a red light, discussing Gram's use, or over use, of tissues.  We love her and we miss her.  I wish more than anything that she was here to hold the Bean, giver her kisses, and pull through with her wet Kleenex.  I am grateful though, that something as simple as not having a tissue can spark a memory, and when Willa is old enough I'll be able to tell her all about her Great Gram.  Ah, the little things.

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