Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Mike and I spent the weekend hoofing it all over Manhattan, taking in the sights.  My sense of direction is dismal.  Luckily, the Mister is a human GPS and was able to get us where we needed to go.  I used to try to help navigate but would always end up flustered.  This trip I gave up total control and had the best time!
On the ferry, waiting to leave for Ellis Island
We started our Friday of sightseeing with Ellis Island.  So interesting.  Next up, making the journey to the Empire State Building (ESB).  On foot.  It really didn't look that far and Mr. GPS was confident we could make it.  We stopped for lunch (surprise, surprise) before too long and then did a little zig-zagging, I think, to catch the World Trade Center Site, Wall Street, and the Brooklyn Bridge before heading north.  At this point my feet were starting to throb, so we stopped for a beer (I know, another big surprise) before continuing on.  Every once in a while we'd catch a glimpse of the ESB between the buildings, but for the most part we had to rely on Mike's super sonic sense of direction.  Just when I thought my legs were going to fall off at the knees and I couldn't make it anymore Mike thought we were only about 10 blocks away.  But then he said "What if it is the wrong building?  What if thats the Chrysler building"  "No," I said. "You will get us there.  I know you will."  

The building finally comes into full view, we cross the street, and start looking for the entrance.  Mike puts his hands on my shoulders to turn me around, and says "read that sign."

Okay, so he got us to the building.  It just happened to be the wrong building.  Good thing we had one more day of touring ahead of us.  So, Saturday morning we set out for the ESB again, but this time we checked a map first. :)

Finally made it to the top of the ESB

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  1. Kimmer...great pictures from your trip! also, i like your kindle cover:)