Friday, November 5, 2010

My How Time Flies

This is Willa B. and her cousin Campbell shortly after we moved home to MN back in March.  At the time the Bean was 6 weeks and Campbell was a little over 9 months, about the age Willa is now.  I remember thinking how big she was, crawling, pulling herself up on furniture, giving her cousin kisses.  There was no way Willa was ever going to be that big!

Fast forward 8 short months.  Willa IS that big!  Actually, she is probably bigger than Campbell was at that age.  Before we know it 'Morgie' will be moving around and joining in on the fun with 'Wirra' and Campbell Girl!

At Thanksgiving we'll get to see how much all of the Tonies girls have grown since this picture was taken at Easter.  Oh boy!   Can A-Town handle all of this cuteness?

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