Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leaf Clip

I love how easy it is to get the Bean ready for the day.  Throw on an outfit, put a bow in her hair, clean the food off of her face from breakfast, and tah-dah, all set.  On occasion I get her dressed and realize I don't have a matching hair accessory.  gasp!  Here is one I whipped up to go with her cute corduroy dress.

My pattern.  I cut out two pieces from brown felt and stitched the veins on using white thread.

 The plain leaf is for the bottom.

 I cut a slit in the plain leaf and slipped the clip through.

 Next, I placed the top leaf over the bottom leaf and the top of the clip.  Then I stitched them together using the same white thread.

Last but not least, I covered the visible part of the clip with ribbon.

 And here I am trying to get a picture of her modeling it.  Never mind the fact that I'm on the wrong side and she moves to fast for me to get a clear picture.  :)  It's cute, trust me.

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