Friday, October 1, 2010

The Evolution of a Frame

Last Tuesday the Bean and I made our first trip to the thrift store to find treasures that needed a new home and a little love.  We came home with two votive holders that will benefit from a fresh coat of paint, and this frame.

Check out the lighter part of the frame.  It is actually fabric.  The rest of the frame needed a little help and I had a vision for how I was going to help it.

I started by taking the frame apart to protect the fabric from getting paint on it.  Next I sprayed the outer frame with an aged copper paint. 

Hmmm...not what I had envisioned.  So, back to the spray paint aisle I went.  This time I emerged with a dark brown.  Not what I had envisioned either, especially now that my vision was starting to change.  I lay in bed that night, frustrated and not sure what to do next, when I realized I was going to have to sand it and start all over.  Ugh.  The next morning I decided to give it one last go with paint before I started the tedious process of sanding off the previous 6 layers of paint.  What's one more layer of paint, right?  

This time I got out the craft paints, browns and creams, and started going to town.  A little dry brushing here, a little glazing there, and tah-dah!  


It looks a lot like the fence, right?  Please say yes, because in the end that is the look I was going for.   

I decided to leave the center part of the frame out and turn it into another frame.  Another project for another day.  For now I need to figure out how I'm going to use this one.


  1. Not that I'm spying on you...but I did see you the other day out taking pictures of your fence door and wondered what you were up to. I think the frame looks really cute. Are you still envisioning a "T" in the center of it? Can't wait to see what you decide :)
    And glad you got the pool covered -- yea!
    Have a good weekend -- Carrie