Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Perfect Touch

Check out this great pillow cover I ordered today from the talented Megan at 99Twelve!  It will go perfectly with the 'places we've lived together' theme I tried to create in the living room.  (She does custom orders so our Minnesota will be brick red.)

We have road maps of the Twin Cities, St. Louis, and Bloomington, IN on the wall.  I couldn't find a road map of Bangkok on Amazon (imagine that!) so Thailand is represented with a beautiful watercolor painted by my mom.  This pillow is going to be the perfect addition!

On another note, I've been a bad, bad blogger lately.  This morning I got the camera out to take some pictures of the Bean and I realized I haven't uploaded any pictures since her birthday!  Oh my.  So, after my camera battery charges and we spend some time outside in this fabulous weather I'll get to that.

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  1. Thanks for the mention - I should have it to you soon!