Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay, so we didn't actually see any animals that roar, but the Bean and I did make a trip to the zoo yesterday in order to ward off this feeling of cabin fever.  I really don't like to go out if I don't have to when the weather is this cold, which means our biggest trip in three days was to the grocery store.  Can you see why I was about to lose my mind?  So, yesterday I decided we'd make use of the zoo membership Papa and Grandma gave Willa for Christmas and get ourselves out of the house!

On the way to the zoo I had an 'ah-ha moment,' if you will.  The cold weather isn't really the problem since we have plenty of gear to keep us warm and the Bean doesn't seem to mind going out in the cold.  The problem is my attitude about the cold!  If I'm going to survive the winter in MN I am going to need a serious AA (attitude adjustment), as my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Velin, would say.  Sure, I got used to the milder winters of The Lou and this is a rude awakening, but we never let the cold weather stop us when we lived here before.  I'm digging out my long underwear, putting on my wool socks, and we are going to make the most of our short winter days!  Yesterday at the zoo was a good start...

Out on the Minnesota Trail

Checking out the fish

Willa was a little more into people watching
than checking out the animals.
Today we are off to the mall for more people watching.  Thankfully our regularly scheduled weekly activities start up again next week after the holiday break!

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