Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its a Jungle Out There!

 Your know that neighbor who's flowerbeds look like a jungle and just make the whole street, or in this case cul-de-sac, look hideous?  Yeah, we were that neighbor.  Mike is in charge of the lawn and it looks great.  I am in charge of the overcrowded flowerbeds and they looked, well, overcrowded.  Thankfully, our family descended upon our yard on Sunday and whipped it into shape.  See?

Ah, no more ugly shrub and no more crowding daffodils

Thank you Mike and Papa Gaz for pulling all of the weeds Sunday morning and laying all of the mulch Sunday evening.  Thank you Uncle Jack, Uncle Paul, and my mom for taking orders from Kimmer Boss Thunder, as my family affectionately calls me, as you dug up 22 dozen daffodil bulbs, shrubs,  and huge day lily plants.  Thank you dad for running to get more mulch for the mulchers and thank you Grandma Pance and Aunt Wiz for taking care of Willa Bean all day so I could be outside 'supervising.'

There used to be several more lily plants squeezed in there.  
Talk about claustrophobia!

At the end of the day Mike rewarded everyone for their hard work with pulled pork that he had smoked all day long.  It was deeeee-licious.

Clean and orderly.  Just the way I like my plants.

It feels so great to have the yard looking orderly again and it feels even better to have spent the day with our wonderful family.  We are so lucky and so grateful for each of you, including those of you who couldn't be there Sunday.

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