Monday, December 6, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful

When we moved to St. Louis and would tell people we were from MN the response was often "How do you live up there in the winter?!  Isn't it so cold and snowy?"  "Oh, its not that bad," we'd say.  "You just learn to dress for the weather."  Ha!  After the weather we've had the last several weeks I'm starting to ask myself the same thing!

Is it just me, or has this winter been particularly harsh already?  Two big snows, one crazy ice storm (don't get me started on driving in THAT!), and temps in the teens for days in a row feels more like January to me.  Or could it be that the milder St. Louis winters have softened me, turned me into a weather weenie? I didn't even make the trek out to the mailbox to get my PEOPLE magazine until Saturday!  That is how cold it is.

See how far the mailbox seems with all that snow?!
Well, I guess the good news is that its only December so I have plenty of time to toughen up again in case it isn't just me and MN winters really are worse than I remember.

In an effort to prevent an ice dam we
created some pretty spectacular icicles.
I think its time to call a professional to help us out.  

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  1. Do not like the cold! Snow is fun, it is nice when it is white, fluffy, and greater than 34 degrees out.